Thursday, September 15, 2011

Walk Across Maryland!

In case you haven't heard, Hahn and Nelson Family Medicine's now famous Walk Across Maryland will be held this Saturday. So far the weather looks perfect, which is good news considering we could use a rest from all this rain. But we won't be resting until we've crossed the state of Maryland! Granted, we will be walking across the skinniest part of our beautiful state, but hey, it's all for fun. We'll have our new bright yellow Walk Across Maryland t-shirts available free for the first 200 walkers who show up. As in years past, we'll meet beginning at 8:30 at the Assembly of God parking lot (just keep driving up Pennsylvania Ave past Pittman's Grocery), and take a quick walk up to the Pennsylvania line. You can stop at our office about halfway and greet the staff from Hospice of Washington County, who will be accepting donations. From there, we'll walk all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue to the great Potomac River where we'll dip our toes. We'll have a shuttle available to drive folks back to their cars if you like. Once again Mike Cligerman will entertain us with his squeezebox, our loyal Hancock cheerleaders will cheer us on, and the Boomtown Hoop will join us too! I heard that some of those wild Zumba ladies might come along too, so watch out! All the office at 301-678-7007 or email if you have any questions. See you there!

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